Written from the life and experience of Paul Thorn, the Second Edition of his widely-acclaimed book, HIV HAPPY, is a holistic and life-changing guide for people living with the virus. Hailed as “a step change in the way we speak about HIV”, HIV HAPPY aims to challenge some of the self-stigmatizing thinking commonly held by people living with HIV. It offers advice and tips for creating a better sense wellbeing and getting started on a brighter life path.


Long-term HIV survivor and award nominated journalist Paul Thorn brings his considerable personal experience of loss, self-hating, self-examination and self-helping to this Second Edition of HIV HAPPY. He explains how a harmonious and happy co-existence with HIV is possible. His simple philosophy on living with the virus and how to make the most of the second chance that treatment affords you could just change your life. Through a guided process of self-examination, HIV HAPPY can show you how you can begin to shift your thinking and empower yourself to take control of today, tomorrow and the future. With a combination of practical advice and warmly helpful personal insights, HIV HAPPY sets out a step-by-step guide to building a long-term, self-help program like no other in this field.


“I want people to understand that it’s possible to co-exist with HIV and to live a happy and full life with the virus” explains the author. “People living with the virus often experience negative thinking and internalized stigma which holds them back. It doesn’t have to be this way. By looking at their situation and life with a new perspective, anyone with HIV can learn to perceive themselves and life in general in a more positive, productive and emotionally healthier way.”

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